De Profundis

         from the depths

I am her. I feel a slow awakening. I have finally woken up. I emerge now through the thickness of my past. I close my eyes and feel the universe holding me, gently nudging me to just let go and float; time has no meaning. Cautiously, I crack the thin glass that has kept me from myself. I am still. For once, my mind is infinitely silent. I hear only space. Strength creeps up my spine, holding my neck so gracefully high, while gravity grounds my petite frame. My eyes are open. My breath releases the tension and vulture-like grip that has corrupted my being. With each exhale, I let go slowly and passionately. I now come from the depths to step toward the unyielding light. I am patient. I am strong. I am forever. —Karina

The series is called ‘de profundis,’ which means ‘from the depths.’ In the phrase’s original context, it describes how God pulled people ‘from the depths’ of their misery and dejection and brought them into his light. I felt that this phrase really speaks to the spirit of the images. ‘From the depths’ could refer to the depths of misery or depression, anxiety, despair. It could refer to the depths of the sea or space, the universe, time. And while all of those have sort of an unsettling connotation, it could even have a much warmer tone, referring to the depths within the self, like saying ‘from the bottom of my heart.’ It all depends on who this being is, where she came from, what she wants from us, and what she could give us.”

Concept and styling: Karina Bustillos

Photographer: Sasha Puchalla